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Driving momentum from the MAKE IN INDIA movement, HAQIQI is your very own Indian brand which was created with the idea of connecting local artisans and local manufacturers who do not have the means to reach to the masses. And guess what? Most of the items are of wood so it’s bio-degradable and earthy. 

Our Company

Haqiqi began with the mission to be a name in home decor. Not only in tier 1 but also in tier 2 and 3 cities basically spanning all across India.
To become a recognizable brand known for customer service and satisfaction.

We started the brand because we love art and craft and can keep watching wood turning videos on loop. Its so peaceful to watch a wood take shape into something beautiful. We wanted to share such beautiful masterpieces with the world.

Every purchase will give the user an esteemed feeling of pride and service to the nation since they will be supporting local wood workers and artisans and also will be helping them in preserving their rich cultures and thereby doing a great service to the nation and its well being.

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Interested? Shop This Exclusive Collection!

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